Out Of Hate For Obama, Looney Trump Would Exit The Paris Climate Agreement

Have you ever heard the expression, “put your big girl panties on.”  That is what hundreds of companies from Google to Mobil/Exon have told TRUMP about pulling out of a climate control accord signed by almost 200 nations.  Now the reason is obvious and insane.  Trump is thinking, and I use the word “thinking” loosely, of pulling out because it was pushed by President Obama.  Trump’s vindictiveness toward Obama is so great that he would pull out of an agreement that would make American businesses more competitive among other highlights put out by full page ads by major companies.  Trump wants to pretend that coal is coming back and does not care about undermining the America our allies use to respect.

Trump is about hate.  He just cannot stand that President Obama was able to pull the world together to fight climate change. This is sick but so are most of the things Trump has inflicted on Americans since he took office and even before.  Even the Pentagon is against the pull out.  But in Trump’s world, HATE FOR A BLACK MAN NAMED OBAMA TRUMPS COMMON SENSE AND THE PUBLIC SAFETY OF AMERICANS.

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