SUBPOENAS Flying All Around Washington. This Is Not A Game. Trump Has America Tottering On The Edge Of A Political Cliff

The Trump white house press folks have tried to cover up so many blunders that many of them are probably on xanax.  It has got to be a depressing job to have a boss who tweets incoherent  things or outright lies.  The only really shocking aspects is that we are dealing with the President of the United States.  From pissing off long standing allies, to covering up Trump’s lies on issues like accusing President Obama of wiring Trump Tower to Trump sending out tweets that are sometimes incoherent.

Today, Trump had the audacity to call former FBI Director James Comey a liar.  That is going to be interesting because any man with Comey’s sense of integrity is going to take Trump to the woodshed.

Believe me the subpoenas are going to keep coming because Trump is as dirty as someone can get.  He has put America’s national security on the line with deals with Russian banks and Russian rich folks all connected to PUTIN.

LET THE CHIPS FALL WHERE THEY MAY.  TODAY TRUMP GAVE RUSSIAN PROPERTY BACK TO THE RUSSIANS THAT OBAMA TOOK AFTER PROVING THE RUSSIANS WERE FOUND TO BE HACKING INTO OUR 2016 ELECTION.  Remember on December 29, 2016, Michael Flynn told the Russians Trump would take care of them after Trump took office. Giving the property back to Russia seems to be making good on that promise.

How the hell did America put this con man in the oval office and now have to worry about knives being put in our backs day in and day out.  I wonder what country will take Trump and is family in when all of his shenanigans are laid out in great detail.  It can only be Russia unless Putin is tired of Trump.  He had his fun and Trump will be kicked to the curb.  Then again, maybe he can go to Saudi Arabia where he can grope as many women as his perversion allows.



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