Why Would Any Patriotic American Let Trump Degrade the Country and Make Us A Joke For Putin’s Russia? All Trump Did Was Genuflect To Putin And Make Trumps’ Base Temporarily Empowered. BUT Trump Punks His Based Everyday”

Please, fact check most of TRUMP’S drooling speech.  He accomplished what he wanted.  He wanted to try to harm the accomplishments of former President Obama AND he showed the world how STUPID Trump is. All that bragging about being a great businessman is false.  He constantly borrowed from Peter to con Paul.  He did what he wanted when he wanted to, whether it was grouping a woman or burning a small business owner out of what his company owed the owner.

But his based of the basket of deplorables, and yes you are the “deplorables”.  You let this idiot who is parents could not even handle and had to send away to a military school, is the same old fart at the age of 70 plus.  After all, a leopard does not change his spots so why should TRUMP. No, he just tapped into the anger and pain of some Americans and made you part of his spider web.

I always have loved my country, even when I thought it was not acting right.  At those times  spoke out or protested when the energy was there. But someone has to stop this nut from taking America down into a deep hole that will ruin the progress we have made since the Boston Tea Party no matter all the pains we all have experienced.  TRUMP IS A CANCEROUS GROWTH ON THE PSYCHE OF AMERICANS SOCIETY BUT EVERYONE IS STUCK IN PLACE, WONDERING HOW TO HANDLE THIS.  He is a new wrinkle in our historical journey of many wrinkles.

We have endured worse then Trump……well, maybe not quite as bad because this fool is arrogant enough to create World War III with some of our valued allies.

Where is the backbone of the politicians we elected to keep control of this nut case.  Most GOP leaders are afraid to stand up because they fear that come 2018 the KOCH BROTHERS and other RICH, GREEDY, CARPETBAGGER TYPES, will invest millions to get them removed from congress.

I just thought these people ran for congress to do that right thing by the people; not search out opportunities for job security.


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