Activists Care Not What Donald Trump Says. He Speaks With Fork Tongue And Absence of Common Sense. Care About Your Life And Welfare Of Your Family

If you are intellectually astute or have any degree of common sense, you cannot take anything Donald Trump says seriously.  His actions range from those of someone going through the “terrible twos” and temper tantrums to someone at a heightened level of dementia.  You pick your choice of classification and even decide if there is a middle point that I rarely see.  He is on one extreme of the mental health spectrum or the other and most of the time I do not believe he himself knows where he has landed.  He is just being Donald Trump, the very lucky winner of the PRESIDENTIAL LOTTERY who has yet to know what a president really does, embodies, or is about.

The positive aspect of Trump’s presidency is that he is a fantastic barometer for sane, calm, deliberate, and rational thinking Americans.  We need only to measure our perceptions of  any situation he engages in and know that if we are 99% diametrically opposed to him, we are probably on the right path.

If everyone can step back for a moment and ask and answer one question then we will understand Donald Trump.  How does Trump see democracy and does he realize that the federal government is not his fiefdom?   I do not believe Trump even knows the historical, moral, integrity based, and price paid in lives for our democratic form of government.  All he knows is what is the balance in his many bank accounts here and in Russia or in Cypress or wherever they are opened and when a payment from someone is due for the less than great job as president he is doing from one of our foreign adversary, Russia.

Trump reminds me very much of my last 30 or so years in Lancaster, California where city political leaders robbed the community blind, built their empires on the backs of the middle class and poor, created lifestyles for themselves that are more outside of the ANTELOPE VALLEY PLANTATION as I call it then here.  Trump is a big dawg while the Lancaster, California politicians I have intimately, personally, professionally known.

Money is the root of all evil of course.  And not all money is good money but you would not know that by the lack of investigations, arrests, or convictions the federal government has looked the other way and allowed LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA POLITICIANS TO financially fleece the community through land deals, CONSTANT turning over of bonds by friends and associates of those in city hall who financially soaked in gigantic fees,  misuse and abuse of redevelopment funds, back and forth of selling of land to the city where costly infrastructure was put in for free as a quid pro quo deal, and back room deals that forced certain politicians to stick around and try to recreate their history and their legacy by keeping their finger in the hole in the legal damn.  But you cannot build a solid foundation whether it is in pushing solar deals or fake home to the homeless when you have so much dirt, blood, and guts dried on all the Benjamins you have in the banks and under bogus LLCs tied to other LLCs tried to other LLCs.

But what disgusts me the most in the Lancaster, California situation is that only one-third  at best is ever told.  That is because the people who have come along now who consider themselves the “warriors of purity” are as arrogant as the politicians who financially fleeced this Plantation.  They know very little beyond the superficial yet ask them who sat in the back room, carried the cash, made the deals, and what the true cost to the residents of Palmdale, California and Lancaster, California was and whole role did the figures like Sheriff’s commander Leroy Bacca, District Attorney Steve Cooley, judges, prosecutors, and government officials play as activists like the late ONION KING JOHN CALANDRI SR. He at times  quietly played by pushing money under the table to stem the tide of corruption and greed.  Other times he put up major signs on streets to talk of the corruption.  In the end, he gave up and why not when the area is part of the great aerospace community of the federal government and it was not even plausible that the federal government did not know about the corruption.  Even the FBI representative in the area was known as being “owned” by some of the most corrupt politicians in the community.  So much for idealistically believing in our America when you know your life and wellbeing is directly on the line.

In my case, these types of government representatives have been in my home with witnesses to prove I was not kidding before the government put the witnesses out to talk with me.  The only promise I ever got was “we are watching what they do to you Diana.” Gosh thanks!  An activists I saw myself as; someone interested in bringing down their network I was not because there is no such thing as a witness protection program for a poor person and what’s the sense.  Another group just moves in and grows its own network.  I felt after awhile…..ENJOY.  I was too patriotic and believed too much in the American creed.  Survival seemed more realistic. Just keep your trump card to protect yourself and your family, right Rexy because even the politicians cannot be sure of each other’s loyalty.  I would call them the TITANS AND THE TITANS DO NOT LIKE EACH OTHER.  THEY LIKE MONEY AND THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED IN SHARING IT WITH ANYONE EXCEPT ANOTHER TITAN.  Crumbs they do give out so Activists can never win unless they have followers and partners who are truly pure of heart because everyone has a price whether it is money or life.

Your community’s history is vital to know before you get too involved in local community clean up.  It is an interesting history for an activists to understand and know because it should shape an activists’ decision if it is worth the investment of time, resources, and really your life in a game that cannot be won.  Especially when high level federal, state and local officials are the shields for the local politicians.

This is a TRUMP EXPERIENCE ON AMERICA’S LOCAL LEVELS and activists must decide if they are interested in sacrificing so much in return for so little.  We may even be talking about death if you step on the wrong toes, mess with the wrong person’s money, or put the wrong person’s career on the line because in most cases these people control the courts.  Shall I count the ways….. no you figure it out.  It is not that difficult especially when Public Defender supervisors have told me how their staff roll over for prosecutors and judges.



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