Tell Me About Bill Cosby…..Is He As Big A Pervert As These Women Are Telling Us

What I find interesting about all of the Gloria  Alred harsh speak about Bill Cosby and what he has supposedly done over the years to women, is what is happening with TRUMP WHO ADMITTED ON TAPE TO GROPE WOMEN AND ENJOY THEIR PERSONAL PARTS?  On one hand we have an actual commission of wrongdoing and on the other hand I see Gloria running like a chicken with her head spinning in an Exorcist movie chasing down Cosby.

Now I am not defending Cosby, but I head from TRUMP’S MOUTH what the did.  I guess an admission of guilt is not as satisfying as chasing down an old man who these women claim made it through Cosby’s help and now want another payoff.  If I am seeing it wrong, sorry but I cannot see having in one case a long term affair with Cosby and now suing him for her orgasms and his ejaculations.


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