Put Terrorism In Its Proper Perspective…We Have Always Had Terrorism But Trump Uses It As The Fear Factor To Manipulate America and Divide Our Allies

The most sinful thing I think Trump does is manipulate those Americans who want to believe that the American dream still exists while he does everything he can to kill off programs like Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, After School Programs, Food Programs for the Elderly and Poor, $859 billion from Medicaid and put in place a tax program that will put most of that money into the pockets of his rich corporate friends.

I laugh when TRUMP CALLS DEMOCRATS OBSTRUCTIONISTS WHEN THIS IS THE MAN WHO BLOCKED ALMOST EVERY POLICY OBAMA TRIED TO PUT IN PLACE FOR 8 YEARS AND SAID HE WAS NOT AN AMERICAN CITIZEN. This is the man (Trump) who has painted himself as a bigot, pervert regarding women, uncaring of the Planned Parenthood health services to women that far exceed abortions, a hater of Muslims, someone who will throw anyone under the bus at a moment’s notice and has moved to alienate most of our allies.

Trump is a man who needs to have a psychological analysis and investigated for treason, espionage and a pathological liar.  You have to be kidding if you believe he is good for America.  He is dangerous to himself and his family in terms of how he does business and with whom he does business with.  No wonder his wife wants to stay tucked away in her quarters in Trump Towers in New York.  Who knows who Trump is really in bed with.









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