How Many Times Have Americans Been Told TRUMP Is Obsessed With LOYALTY Based On His Own Definition of LOYALTY To Countries Like Putin And Russia?

Please Donald, do not lecture America about hate when you have exhibited hate toward our allies and our own citizens.  Do not preach to us about honesty when Americans know you to be a pathological liar.  We cannot trust anything you say except YES TO PUTIN as you said he asked you to host Russians in the Oval Office after you fired James Comey.  WOW!  Who would have thought America would ever have a president who has a TWISTED VIEW OF LOYALTY?  Congrats to James Comey for not genuflecting to your insanity but for documenting your craziness for the world to know.

If you can believe anything about what James Comey said about President Trump, you can believe he pinned Comey’s buttocks to the wall every chance he got about the issue of LOYALTY.  Every minon TRUMP has working for him will tell you they have been quizzed about what LOYALTY MEANS TO TRUMP or know someone who has.  SORRY, I WANT JAMES COMEY AND ANYONE ELSE WHO TAKES THE OATH OF OFFICE TO BE LOYAL TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, NOT TO DONALD TRUMP WHO TWEETS and has such a low approval rating from Americans because of his pathological lying.

It is ironic that I heard Trump say today on the news that Qatar to stop spreading HATE.  WHY DOESN’T TRUMP TAKE HIS OWN ADVICE.  His entire campaign and presidency thus far has been about hate of cultures, women through Planned Parenthood, minorities and so many other groups.

I kept thinking, “Donald, what a buffoon you are.  Have you ever listened to the things you say that has encouraged hate in America’s cities and streets.”

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