Who In America Doesn’t Know Trump Has Lied At The Drop Of A Dime

Why should former FBI Director COMEY have to blatantly point a finger at DONALD TRUMP  and shout from the mountaintops that DONALD TRUMP ENGAGED IN OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE?  He told America how Trmp ied fjojbjbibbb Comey did his duty of providing so many examples. Now politicians need to connect  the dots and stop hiding behind bogus excuses that do not even pass the smell test.  I know many Republicans  don’t want to admit that Trump is an embarrassment but you have to protect him, or some think because they want to use Trump to get a lot of corporate deal regs through.

So we allow the country to limp along now.  Comey said Trump was not under investigation back THEN but it is possible that Trump is under investigation now.  So much has come out since Trump fired Comey, telling news reporter Lester Holt of NBC that he (Trump) fired Comey over that “Russia thing”.  Now you figure it out.  Trump knew the net was being widened and Trump’s hands are far from clean.  Do you really think Trump’s son, Jeff Sessions, Manafort, Page, and others in Trump’s orbit have been involved with Russian representatives and Trump was sitting on his hands?

I found it amusing how some GOP members could offer advice of what Comey should have told Trump.  Quarterbacking is great when you are not stunned, in the middle of an absurd conversation with the President of the United States, and the President is staring you down telling you that he “hopes” you will get off of Michael Flynn’s back.  It was also humorous when Senator Kamala Harris of California had to clarify the situation for some of her GOP colleagues by sharing a great example.  She said when she was a prosecutor and had a case where some robber was holding a gun at someone’s head and saying “I hope you will give me all the money in your pocket,” the word ‘hope’ was not the key word.  Thank you senator Harris.  All Comey and anyone else would hear is that the president wanted something done and he was not being given an option because the sweet word of “hope” was being used.














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