Trump Puts Money For His Own Professional Organizations Before National Security Of The American People. Stop Being Apologist For Trump’s Greed

James Comey reminded us of how all this RUSSIAN HACKING INVESTIGATION BEGAN.  As the 17 Intelligence Agencies Assessed, Russia Hacked up despite the fact Donald kept putting the Intelligence Agencies down.  In June 15, 2015, one of the first American attacks was launched and we need to stop with this bipartisan nonsense about denying what Russia did and continues to you.  We did not know the extent at the time but the Russians got all the way to votes according to an NSA REPORT.  TRUMP keeps saying “Well the U..S. does this too.”  That is no answer.  The idea that Trump even tried to promote to the American people that they had their tentacles all through our election process and recruited MANY AMERICANS to be in their service.  Even in all the lies they put out about Clinton on Facebook and other Social Media is the article that they had Clinton running a child porn ring out of a pizza parlor.  People believed that.

Given the context that most Americans believed Saudi Arabia had residents who were involved in 911 makes it laughable that Trump did not even put Saudi Arabia on the WATCH LIST.  Yet, one of the first foreign countries Trump visits, unlike many presidents before him is Saudi Arabia and signs a billion dollars arms deal with them.  Explain that.  Trump can talk about “Muslim terrorist” coming out of certain countries but we know for a fact that the 911 killers were mostly from Saudia Arabia and that country was not on the TRAVEL BAN WATCH LIST.

It is all about MONEY FOR THE TRUMP FAMILY.  America’s National Security was compromised by Trump through almost act he has taken in the name of MONEY, MONE, MONEY AND MOSTLY FOR THE TRUMP EMPIRE.

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