Trump Says He Was Vindicated…Not So..Mueller Just Brought In The Top Money Laundering Team and Espionage Team In the World

I get a little sick of hearing that Trump is making mistakes because he was not PREPARED TO BE PRESIDENT.  What a bunch of crap.  The American people at least expected integrity, not using the office to advance your own personal fortune, constant meetings with Russian agents by your staff, and your staff …. individual after individual….not lying about their contacts with Russia on HIGH LEVEL SECURITY FORMS.  Come on Paul Ryan.  Come on Lindsay Graham.  Come on weak Republicans stop being apologist for a pathological liar because you are afraid his “base” will turn against you and the KOCH BROTHERS AND OTHER RICH REPUBLICAN DONORS WILL COME AFTER YOU IN THE PRIMARIES.  Do not worry.  The American people are going to come after you by the time the other shoe is dropped on DONALD TRUMP.


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