We Can Find Something To Like About Anyone…..Just Give It A Shot

I remember when I was a young adult working for the Aetna Life & Casualty Insurance Company out of their Hartford (Corporate) Office.  Arthur Ashe was the spokesperson for the Aetna at that time, my career seemed like it was going to be this glorious adventure because I was in their corporate Management Training Program, and I was about to get married.  The world was mine to conquer.  I remember thinking that everything seemed so perfect because I lived in a pretty cool apartment in Glastonbury, Connecticut outside of Hartford.  It was one of those Norman Rockwell towns where everyone knew everyone else and if you ran short of money at the grocery store, no big deal.  I had it made and I loved the world.

As I sit here years later and think about all the socio-economic experiences I have had, I  think I liked life a lot better when I was pretty ignorant of social, political, and an entire menu of issues that rock everyone’s world.  I can understand why the saying “ignorance I bliss” just might be a great way to end one’s days during the senior years as we pass the baton on to the next generation.  Just peace, quiet, harmony, and let the love flow even though there are bombings, killings, and injustices right outside our door.

So for a moment I am going back to the days when I thought the Aetna opportunity was the greatest thing that could have happened to me on planet.  When I believed my life was about getting that home in Glastonbury and the one by the beach for the summer.  When being financially well-endowed was the most important goal, or so my manager at the Aetna told me, and Arthur Ashe was my hero.

My test is to show I can be that old Diana who has something great to say about everyone.  So here is my test.  President Donald Trump – Successful, a great dad, brilliant business acumen, handsome when he was young, and a charismatic personality.  Vice President Pence – warm, accommodating, sensitive to the needs of the unborn, and a very loyal man.  Ivanka Tump – the type of daughter every adult would love to have, loyal, intelligent, warm, and a great mother and spouse. Putin of Russia – a man of strength and courage, knows his own mind, fearless, courageous, and a great chess player on the world stage.  Congressman Paul Ryan – insightful, a true warrior for his values, able to hide and disguise his true feelings with outstanding precision, and a patriot that once fought on the wrong side of the civil war.  Newt Gingrich – a man who is honest about his feelings.  Rudy Guliani – a politician who never stops trying to please his puppeteer.

See, if we all try hard, we can fight delightful things to say about people everyone, even people we do not respect.  Maybe that should be America’s goal…..LEARNING HOW TO KILL OFF OUR ENEMIES WITH KINDNESS?

THERE is an commercial running on television that goes something like former president Richard Nixon telling us that it is okay to be hated but we loose only when we hate back.  At least that is the way I interpret it.  I think he is right.  No seriously, we loose when we let the hate, despair, anger, disgust, frustration, and discontent we feel for another consume us.  Now Richard had that part of his thought process on the mark.










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