GOP Getting Ready To Cut The Legs Out From Under Women And The Poor Through New Health Care Plan

WOW!  It is so interesting to sit back and watch TRUMP AND SENATOR MCCONNELL secretly create a health care bill since the one pushed through the Congress was so pathetic.  Congressman Paul Ryan pushed it through with all its faults including dropping 24 million Americans off of health care and robbing it of $890 in Medicaid funding.  That is the money Ryan and Trump want to take from the Obamacare health plan and put into TAX CREDITS FOR THE RICH, THOSE MAKING $250,000 OR MORE A YEAR.  That means shutting down programs for the elderly, young, and middle class and working poor including after school programs and meals on wheels.  GO REPUBLICANS….YES, I SEE HOW GREAT TRUMP IS TRYING TO MAKE AMERICA BY CREATING A TWO CLASS SYSTEM…… the rich and the poor.

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