CalPERS And Other Benefits Programs, Let’s Not Overuse The Statement ‘Is This A Threat?’ When CalPERS Lies And You Hold Them Accountable

I have been talking with CalPers, the organization that handles the retirements benefits for Public Employees in California.  I have been trying to work out a number of glitches in their system and be nice, very, very, nice.  Let’s just say, you figure they have you over a barrel so you have to be nice.  The only problem is that your desire to genuflect runs out when they get arrogant, believe their clerk positions trump your reminding them of the commission of critical information, and their negligence may cause the person his life.

What makes me laugh a lot these days though is the statement “Are you threatening me?”  that these groups and others like attorneys at the infamous Lancaster, California Dependency Court like to use.  I have come to feel that the latter entity is a snake pit where several lawyers play god, shuffle papers, do repetitive acts and then remind you they are “lawyers.’  Sorry, CalPERS and the Lancaster, California Dependency Court, you titles and arrogance do not impress me.  Sure you are holding someone’s life in the palm of your hands by inappropriately cutting off their insurance courage after 28 years and they have a life threatening illness.  And you are splitting up a family by outright and even indirectly lying in the Lancaster, California Dependency Court under the banner of being omnipotent because you are a public defender who does little thinking and much paper shuffling.

But my Activist issue is that CalPERS cut my client off of his insurance after he had retired on disability about ten years ago.  Eight months after he turned 65, he was notified that he did not have Medicare Part B and they gave him 30 days to get it.  They said he should have been covered when he turned 65.  He went and got it and was told okay, you will be reinstated with Kaiser Permanente effective July 1, 2017.  My client has cancer.  He waits and now he is told by CalPERS even though you have FAXED PROOF OF HAVING MEDICARE PART B IT TAKES 3 BUSINESS DAYS TO SCAN THE FAXED DOCUMENT.  TO BE SURE I FAXED IT 10 TIMES in a row.  Now, way beyond that time frame he is told, well, we are backlogged and it may take longer to scan it in.

I listened carefully and patiently and then went from 0 – humble, to 500 – disgusted.  We are talking about the life and death of a long term public employee and someone who has been a Kaiser patient forever.  We are talking about someone who needs treatment and wants to go to the doctor who has saved his life, the doctor he trusts.  And CalPERS acts like “oh well”.

When you get upset and act like you are an idiot, you have to explain to them that yes, I am recording the conversation as well and all the others you (CalPERS) provided me with misinformation that is contradictory.  When you tell them “If the person dies because of your negligence, incompetence, concerns about your scanning apparatus, or just plain arrogance,  there will be hell to pay.  You are talking about someone’s life.”

“Are you threatening me?” the CalPERS god asks.  Am I threatening someone?  Hell yes, but not according to this terrorist crap everyone likes to throw in a consumer’s face these days.  “No babe, I am not threatening you; I am promising you.  This man’s family will sue you personally since I have your name and identification and all the other CalPERS sobs who think they can play god with people’s lives.”  Now folks, that is not a bodily injury threat.  That is a legal promise and please do not tell me we cannot inform these agencies and their employees that WE THE PEOPLE WILL SUE FOR NEGLIGENCE,

I just hate it when We The People have to grovel, be overly nice, be humble, be solicitous and be a pawn just because groups like CalPERS plays god just because they can.

Are there any class action lawsuits out there regarding CalPERS or even the Lancaster, California Dependency Court and the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services.  How about the North County Regional Center?  Someone needs to lead the charge because I am too old, too tired, and too aware that the government covers things up rather than fixing things up.

If you die, I guess CalPERS figures it cuts down on their workload.

And if someone tells a CalPERS nerd that the family will sue, I do not think that is a THREAT.  I really think that is a PROMISE.




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