I Remember When Dr. / Rev Bernice King Said At Her Mother’s Funeral That People Need To Learn To Stand Up. Her Parents Are Dead And Her Father Died For Us

I remember one of the most memorable things among many that the Rev. Bernice King said at her mother, Coretta Scott King’s funeral, was that all of us need to learn to stand up.  Her parents had sacrificed their lives to equality of opportunity and her father had taken a bullet and was in the grave.  Her mother had continued forward and kept her father’s dream alive.  Now it was time for all of us to stand up.

I think it is great that we have Dr. King, Jr. Days of Service.  I think it is great to clean up a community, a school yard, or paint a building.  But America has so many more serious issues as well like the federal budget Trump and the Republicans are trying to sneak through in the back room that will suffocate the middle class, poor, elderly, children and disabled.  They are trying to conduct tax reform that does nothing for most of us but takes $890 billion from OBAMACARE AND MEDICAID AND PUTS IT IN THE POCKETS OF THOSE WHO MAKE $250,000 OR MORE A YEAR.

Or better yet, tell me why Trump’s Travel Ban Executive Order cannot make it through any court.  It is because it is about hate but he keeps trying, trying, trying.

Everyone can be a Dr. King, Jr.  We just have to want to be.


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