Shame On Republican Leadership Like Ryan and McConnell, Shame On Their Lack Of Courage To Reign Trump In. Do Not Blame What Happened On Gun Control. Forget Being Politically Correct

Yesterday, I said my prayers for the safety and wellbeing of all those affected by the gun shooting in the park.  But I do not have to be politically correct like Nancy Pelosi or any of the Republicans who sat on their hands and let Trump bring out the hate in America’s psyche.  And Nancy Pelosi does not need to dictate to any American when a conversation of truth needs to be had.  Yes a congressman may die but those of us in the Black community has seen death on a daily basis and no one, absolutely no one in Washington takes notice of those abuses of power.

It is early in the morning where I am and the sun is out.  I can take a deep breath and exhale because I am at peace and I am pain free.  Isn’t that what we all want?  It is times like these that make me want to ponder what is going on in life, mine and others.

It feels good to be alive and yet be sensitive to the situations of others.  One of these issues I find myself reflecting on is what happened yesterday at the neighborhood park where members of the Republican Party practicing for a softball game  were used as target practice. I have read and listened to so many accounts and filtered all of the information through my 63 years of broad based  life experiences.  So let me first say,   I reject the notion that it was about a lack of gun control.   I find it laughable when the Republicans just repealed an Obama era order that denied people with a history of mental health from getting guns.  Please Mr. and Mrs. Republican do not use gun control on me when you fight so valiantly to keep guns on the street and now what to throw gun control in our face.  So, when the Republicans trampled on Obama’s order, they were not looking at substance but just to trample on Obama’s legacy.  Now that says volumes about  the intent, integrity, and sincerity of anything that is said now that the Republicans got attacked in a park by a man with a gun.  You cannot have it both ways.

And no I do not think the shooter was unbalanced.  None of the interviews I was exposed to had any of his associates, friends, or casual acquaintances saying he was unbalanced, vicious, or otherwise unbalanced except that he has had his moments like a macho man may.   So when did he become  nut job.  But here is a point of great interest to me.

His brother said he was tired of what was going on in this country.  He disliked Trump. Well, for the sake of truth, I as an African American woman who has seen and experienced both gender and racial prejudice, can say I am upset with what gains my America, my beloved country needs to make in terms of those and other issues.  I also do not respect Donald Trump in any shape or form but I do respect the office of President of the United States of America.

So where is the shame?  The shame of what has been happening since Donald Trump came on the scene is squarely on the shoulders of the Republican Party.  They have done nothing as Trump has encouraged, promoted, and excited hateful acts, deeds, words on every possible occasion.  He has also spoken of beating up people at Trump rallies and promised to represent them if they got in trouble.  Trump has insulted our Intelligence Agency personnel., played puppet and puppy to Putin of Russia, and established himself as a pathological liar on almost every day of the week.  He has insulted our trusted allies, according to Comey, tried to push for the obstruction of justice.  He has been a role model for anyone except those who are mentally unbalanced and filled with hate in their spirits and soul.  He has pushed a health care bill that cuts $890 million out of medicaid and  talked of pushing the money into the pockets of the rich under some bogus tax break.  He will not share his own tax returns because they just may show he is in bed with Putin and Russia, Russian and Cypress Banks.  He has put the elite on his cabinet who could not give a damn about the middle class and who will see the presidency as their own playground and bank account.  So tell me, where is the Republican Party’s shame.  They allowed this hate to flourish because they lack the spine to do anything to stop Trump. Whether it is the environment or health care, Trump has no room in his agenda for the middle class, elderly, disenfranchised, children and families or non whites.  Hate is what Trump is all about.

So do not come to me  and the nation now Mr. Republican and talk about what America needs to do.  Tell us what you are going to do about a President who just may be engaged in treason, espionage, inciting hate in America, and using the Oval Office to make his family richer than rich.

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