Stop Asking What Will Happen If Trump Is Found Guilty of OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE. Sometimes The Brutalized Just Want The Truth. I Want It Accurately Put In The History Books

I get tired of media people asking the same question, “Suppose it is found that Trump obstructed justice and the Republicans don’t do anything?”  Let me keep it real, I don’t give a damn.  Many of us who have experienced injustices against us or witnessed them perpetrated against others sometimes just want it documented, decided, realized.  Get it? We are so tired of things being swept under the rug and everyone looking at the landscape as if it has been wiped clean and is sterile of any wrongdoing.  Damn, just put it down and stop shoving the same kind of history books down our children’s throats that were shoved down mine……the anglo was and is everyone’s savior and the rest of us just came along for the ride.  NO!  The angle stole a lot from everyone else and buried us, hung up, discarded us in the process.  A few black faces on the television, a few black millionaires, and a misguided Dr. Ben Carson sitting on Donald Trump’s cabinet saying “yes Sir,” means nothing to me.

I want a Kamala Harris, US Senator of California, who may have to compromise here and there to stay alive and effective then a Dr. Ben Carson who will not get up off his knees.  He is a brilliant black man who made his own reputation as an outstanding neurosurgeon and he stands there while Trump tries to stomp out $890 billion in Medicaid funding for the poor to give a tax break to the rich.  Now that is what being misguided, sick, and a sell-out means to me.  We all have to live in America together, have a harmonious relationship, and seek that dream but we don’t have to get down on our knees like Dr. Carson has done after he already established his greatness.

Take about being dumb.  I just have to keep it real.




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