There Is A Big Difference Between Watergate and Trumpgate. Trump Is Sabotaging Himself, A Boil On America’s Ass

The Prime Minister of Australia just made a series of jokes about Trump at a public affair  and the foreign audience went wild with laughter. His jokes all focused on how important and great Trump keeps telling Americans he is.  Face it,  Trump is the world’s joke abroad and the jokes are picking up and becoming  intensely personal.  Even the leader of Mexico made a great joke about Trump building a $25 billion wall that can be scaled by a $25 ladder.

So how do we as Americans see the world’s new joke?  That is easy.  He is a joke here, there and everywhere.  He has patted himself on the back so much he must have left his handprint.

Many of us who are of a certain age will remember the Watergate scandal involving former President Richard Nixon.  Over the years, history has relegated Watergate to simply a break in of a Democrat Office but it was more than that.  Nixon was afraid of the break in and/or use of privacy mental health and other health files of a certain doctor where the information was being used against the preyed upon person. The information was used for a form of blackmail, manipulation, and coercion. That was a deep-seated fear mores than some Democratic Party memos.    That was what brought chilled Nixon, caused him many nights of lacking sleep, and drove him at times to acts some would find bordering on the brink of a nervous breakdown.  However, there were many areas such as foreign policy, etc. where I believe Nixon was brilliant and in later years several presidents called him for his counsel.

Trump on the other hand is simply ignorant across the board with no redeeming attributes.  He is not a successful businessman except maybe on paper.  No one will call him for his advice and he does not even know the geographical layout of the world except where his golf courses and hotels may be located. Trump sabotages himself and his staff.  It is quite contrary how Trump’s private attorney who just got his own lawyer who is telling others in the white house that they do not need lawyers.  Everyone in that White House and who has worked on Trump’s campaign better lawyer up.  Trump wants everyone to see life as he sees it especially when he sent his press secretary Spicer to tell the press off because the pictures of his inauguration crowd was not as large as Obama’s crowd.  Remember that absurdity.

At least Nixon exercised discipline.  Trump has no understanding of what discipline is.  He has never been counted out in a real estate deal but this is a new domain for Trump where he cannot look at a congressman and senator and say “YOU’RE FIRED!”.  It has been an unproductive Congress, tax reform is pushed back, the Russian entanglements are hanging like a dark cloud over Trump’s head, and Senator Mitch McConnell is trying like hell to sneak through a national health care bill that will suffocate 24 million or more Americans.  In the end, at this rate, Trump’s small based is going  to end up hating him unlike how people felt about Nixon in the end.  Nixon was never hated; he was pitied because he did not make the right moves when he could have like destroying the tapes that finally sunk him.

Trump is an idiot.  He is paranoid.  He is greedy and worships money and does not know how to use his presidential power.  He squanders his social and political capital, stupid enough to believe the cauldron has an endless supply.  He threatens anyone because that is what he has done in his corporate America empire but this is the government with judges that will strike down his Orders, investigate him, impeach him, and take every dime he has ever stolen or made from him and not blink.  He has stupidly made enemies of everyone so that the race to find his skeletons is on and every reporter wants that Pulitzer Prize on exposing his real Achilles heel.

Trump has doomed himself.  He will go down in history as the president who tried to destroy the legacy of the First African American President due to hate, jealousy, and an inferiority complex.

What is idiotic is that Trump had the nerve to say that he was cutting back on some of Obama’s freedoms for Cuba is that he said it was necessary because Cuba has human rights violations.  Really?  Tell me about Saudi Arabia where Trump was just kissing every Sheik’s ass.

Face it, Trump is just a temporary boil on America’s ass.  We will deal with his insanity until the Republican Party realizes he is going to cost him their seats in office and let them go down in history as one of the most cowardly groups in decades.

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