My Thoughts On Bill Cosby And Rape. There Are Different Types of Rape My Friends and Activists Know That

I am someone who was once raped by a cop,I can’t even call the thug a police officer or man of the law. He was a “pig”. For that reason, I don’t take such allegations or acts lightly. I do say however, that I don’t just jump on the bandwagon because it’s cool. I am not defending the man; I am saying as an African American whose people often get the short end of the criminal justice stick that my position is based on you are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUITY. And believe me I have been forcefully propositioned by politicians when I first went to live in Washington, D.C shortly after graduating from Holy Cross when working for the National League of Cities / U.S. Conference of Mayors. I have a friend who was raped by a cop and took the case to Federal District Court. Three were involved. Two got off and one did not. She is still a HIGH RANKING AEROSPACE ENGINEER WHO TRAVELS THE WORLD FOR THE U.S. GOVERNMENT. I do not say Cosby is guilty because of numbers. I have to evaluate each case on its own merits.

I’ve been set up by politicians in my Lancaster, CA community because I am an ACTIVIST and I know what it is like to pile accusations on top of accusations. I was able to make it through because of the help of the FBI and the Department of Justice especially with a bogus warrant signed by a judge whose name was never given to me. Believe me, I have to hear and see the evidence, documents and everything else for myself because I have seen so much politics and CORRUPTION in courthouses and only by the grace of God have I always walked away but not unscathed or without being permanently afflicted in so me way. Don’t let the mile on my face hide the pain these nuts created to my health. It affects you even when you as an activist are right. I just offer any victim of Bill Cosby my love and hope you can heal if he intact has wronged you. In my community there is a man who so viciously degraded me and likes to pain himself as a saint. He is trying to reinvent his image as some savior of the environment. Please, I know his health is bad but he should still be made to answer just as the alleged victims of Bill Cosby want Cosby to answer no matter how old he is. SO YES, I UNDERSTAND ALL SIDES OF THE EQUATION AND ASSURE YOU THERE IS NO WINNING POSITION. THE POLITICIANS WHO DEEPLY HARMED ME BECAUSE I WAS AN ACTIVIST AND SPOKE TRUTH TO THEIR POWER SHOULD PAY A PRICE AND SOME HAVE. THERE HAS BEEN A LOT OF DIVINE INTERVENTION AND I SOMETIMES SETTLE, YES SETTLE, FOR THAT.

They sit back and wait for me to release my book AN ABSENCE OF HONOR and I take my time because once it is out, I know from reviews by independent publishers that it just may be a BEST SELLER BECAUSE IT IS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS TO ALL OF US, ACROSS THIS NATION WHO STAND UP FOR A CAUSE AND WHO GET RAPED IN MANY DIFFERENT WAYS, NOT JUST PHYSICALLY. The names of the culprits may turn out to be different in your American community but the raping, torment, and destruction of health and life is the same. IT IS THE AMERICAN WAY.

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