Trump Created His Own Tornadoes. He Is Becoming More And More Irrelevant AND More And More Dangerous

RUSSIANS HIT US IN 39 STATES INCLUDING ILLINOIS.   Obama was possed.  Another was California.  In Illinois voter registration information was hit and the attackers were trying to alter or delete people’s names and addresses.  You do not have to actually change someone’s vote to hamper and election.  Obama contacted Putin and added security levels but it was too late.  We know a lot of this information because of the young woman who leaked the information and was arrested.  If she had not spoken out Americas would not have known yet she remains in jail to be tried.  I have mixed feelings.  Why do you think the Special Prosecutor has staffed up.  There is so much information on the hacking and Trump’s Russian connections that it is time to let all the dirt out.  There is no witch hunt.  The witch is already sitting in the oval office.

The Special Prosecutor  Mueller has staffed up.  He has all kinds of EXPERTS on his team to investigate everything from Trump’s possible obstruction of justice to money laundering.  Even so, Trump cannot shut up and people find that entertaining.  Trump does not even seem to care that Russia attacked America in a cyber sense.  In fact, he seems to love Putin and Russia more.

WHAT AMERICANS do not understand is that Russia’s hacking of American targets is actually worse than reported.  They stripped several of our information sources  to the bone even though no one is coming out and obviously admitting it.  Still Trump does not condemn Putin and invites Russia and their news media into the oval office while excluding American media. Still Trump refused to believe Russia was hacking the hell out of the United States. He even had the nerve to stand up at his rallies and tell them to keep hacking and look for Clinton emails.

We The People better get up and shout it out that “Russia sucks!” because Trump does not get it.  He has either a sense of hero worship for Putin or Putin owns him big time.  I am willing to bet both.  Trump always has run his companies like he is god and that is the the kind of president he wants to be.  He wants to be treated like a god the way Putin is in Russia but it cannot happen.  Thankfully we have enough safeguards built in to hold back the damn somewhat.

Almost everyone working under Trump or at the White House is lawyering up.  Even one of his lawyers got a lawyer.  We The People better take that fact serious.  Fear is flowing through the halls of the White House and knees are knocking.  The only real question that Special Prosecutor needs to tell know is WHAT IS THE REAL DEAL?  WHAT IS TRUMP REALLY HIDING STARTING WITH NOT WANTING AMERICA TO SEE HIS TAX RETURNS AND ALL THOSE SECRET MEETINGS HIS STAFF HAD WITH THE RUSSIANS?

Any American who is standing up for Trump needs to ask why?  There needs to be severe sanctions against Russia.  They recruited United States citizens to do their bidding.  With Michael Flynn, Russia was even able to get into the white house and with all the money Trump owes Russian banks, you have to ask what is his commitment to Russia over the United States.

Trump acts like Russia is no threat to Americans.  What planet is he own?  The Russians figured out that the deal is to hack in at the county levels.

To make matters more insulting, the Russians are not the only ones that are trying to impact the county voting rolls.  THE REPUBLICANS ARE ENGAGED IN THEIR OWN STRATEGY OF VOTER SUPPRESSION.


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