10 Hurt After Van Runs in Muslims At Mosque In London. Man Said He Will Do It Again After Being Handed Over To Police

Stand up America for what is happening to people around the world like the Muslim community.  After all, we have some responsibility in allowing the hate of Donald Trump to seep out into the universe again Muslims and fuel vicious stereotypes.   Funny how Trump can condemn so many allies and nations and cultures but he consistently kisses the buttocks of Russia’s Putin, an extreme adversary of America and Saudi Arabia where he just signed an armed deals and where the 911 terrorists came from.

Muslims in London are scared for their lives as a white man in a van intentionally runs into a mosque and verbally promises to kill as many Muslims as he can.  Words are often mightier then the sword and Donald Trump has proven that as Muslims say they are becoming increasingly alarmed across the world about retribution against them by the intensely hateful rhetoric used against them collectively by individuals like Trump.

But stereotyping a group, category, culture, segment has always been the way some bigoted type Americans have waged their personal hatred against others.   In my lifetime the word has been stereotyping and it has become a staple part of the American diet for centuries.  Whether it has been the infamous Christian witch burnings that stole thousands of lives including the lives of those who  tried to defend the person being preyed upon, or the massacre of Native Americans, the 400 years of hanging, destroying family lineage and brutal abuse of blacks, using children as indentured servants in factories with no child labor laws, dumping of illegal drugs in American cities with a bogus “war on drugs”, the list is long and full of hate advanced by men like Trump who speak out of both sides of their mouths.  Their hate drives people to hate, bring out that hate, and act on the stereotypes of men like Trump who painted Mexicans with one brush as rapists, murderers and the like.

Trump can throw a crumb here and there.  Pull in a few African Americans, Hispanics and other cultures to smile for him but he is a con man of major proportions.

It is shameful that men and women of color, different cultures, and because they have a few dollars in the pockets would let this sinner catch them in his web of hate.  He is paranoid, suffers from low self-esteem and worse of all “believes he knows it all.”  All of those qualities together encourage him to guide America toward a combustible state of affairs.





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