AMERICA Is Overdosing On Drugs And Many Are Prescriptions. Why Are The Republicans And Trust Cutting $890 Billion Out Of Obamacare And Bury 24 Million Americans. Trump Also Reverse Obama’s Pharmacy Dumping Orders

Ohio County is the epicenter of the Opioid epidemic.  According to one county’s coroner, people are almost dropping dead and it is not like they are buying it off the corner like in some stereotyped movie.  At one point it was Oxycontin.

I remember the coal miners meeting aired on MSNBC  a month or so ago.  The coal miners were saying there were record numbers of people in coal mining areas dying from opioids.  HOW CAN THE REPUBLICANS BE CUTTING $89 BILLION FROM THE HEALTH CARE BUDGET.  How do we care for just this one group of sick people as we trip over the other sick bodies on America’s streets who will not get health care under the Health Care “savage” and “brutal” bill Congress put through that will cut 24 million off of healthcare.  What do we do about this “savage”, “brutal” and trick bill Senator Mitch McConnell and other Republicans are hiding and not even letting anyone, including Democrats discuss.

The Republicans just want to put it on the floor at the last minute and have you elected representatives vote it through and not even read it.  Now that is called STUPID, DUMB, IGNORANT AND ALL THE REST.


One street IN OHIO is nicknamed Morgue Street because someone in every house on the street has died of an Opiod overdose.  In addition, someone needs to ask Trump about Pharmaceutical Companies being allowed to dump the drugs in our water systems.  He is so busy trying to scale back every Obama executive order, he is not thinking about vengeance vs. protecting the lives of children and families.

Just think of how many Flint, Michigan type Americans  are out there, all under attack due to pollution, lax rules, and now HEALTH CUTBACKS BY TRUMP that will go to the rich as a TAX REFUND..  Even though the cause of the water pollution is different from these opiods, the issue is the same……..letting corporations do what they want just to keep them happy and save them cost.  But WE THE PEOPLE PAY WITH OUR LIVES.

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