Why Do We Care If Trump’s Attorney Says He’s Not Investigation. Mind Games Is What They Are Doing And Making The Waters Muddy. Rich, White, Men Always Do That …… See How Long It Took To Catch Madoff and Ken Lay?

I do not like to reduce issues to race, gender, or culture but let’s keep it real.  If Donald Trump were a Black man, with limited resources, he would be in jail by now……not just over the gamesmanship going on in the oval office but over a career of conning, cheating, manipulating, and being so in love with his own success at his schemes.

The commentators on so many shows keep running Trump’s imbecilic lawyer’s statement from the weekend that Trump is not under investigation.  Wow, I have heard that man in an expensive suit and not operating on all of his brain cylinders telling Chris Wallace over and over again that Trump is not being investigated.  Guess what, if he’s not, he should be.

Now does that cut down on the number of discussions about this silly topic Trump’s minion has sent forth to mind manipulate the American public.  Darling, Trump is under investigation by many someones and if he is not, he would not have all that puffy fat under his eyes due to no sleep, tweeting his self incriminating thoughts, and slowly leaking out himself how he is going looney over not being able to get his hands on Sessions for recusing himself and the Deputy Attorney General.








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