Activists Are Often Brutally Shut Down Because No One Wants The Truth Out About The Antelope Valley Plantation (Lancaster, CA) …… From Its Court System To Its Department Of Children And Family Services

REFER TO THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA (Plaintiff) vs. Cynthia Beverly (Defendant)  Case#2A00874  JUDGE: PHILIP H. HICKOK   AUGUST 16, 2012 

This case is an example of why the Michael Antonovich Superior Courthouse in Lancaster, CA is known as the “hanging courthouse” by some activists over the years.  This case was sent to a courthouse in Los Angeles because of space. It was dismissed by the judge who was appalled by the quality of the case right after the prosecution’s performance and I mean “performance.” The judge wrote in the official transcript certified by Vicki L. Fraser, CSR No. 6737, Official Reporter:

“I cannot believe the waste of public funds that was expended on this case, starting at the Sheriff’s Department, going through the District Attorney’s Office, and coming down here to the Judicial System. The fact this case was even filed by the District Attorney’s Office is an embarrassment.  Doesn’t even rise to the level for a civil restraining order.  The case is dismissed.”  (The words of the Honorable Judge Philip H. Hickok.)


After pushing for the underdog to gain some modicum of justice in everything from administrators mishandling tax payer dollars in pubic school districts to the above type of case in the court system, I have to admit I am tired.  I am tired of the games I have personally witnessed by superior court public defenders who roll over for prosecutors and judges to attain high conviction rates and federal dollars; the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services who have had social workers go  on trial for contributing to the death of a child over an extended period of time, and to the raping of municipal redevelopment funds by city council members and associates through overpriced projects or even bogus projects.  And that is just a taste of the level of incompetence, neglect, and malfeasance that everyone overlooks because everyone on the Antelope Valley Plantation for example are somehow connected through nepotism, cronyism, or deal making.

Most of all though,  I am tired of the game of the North Los Angeles County Regional Center because it handles impoverished individuals who need society’s sense of humanity. The organization is well funded and more “fluff” then “stuff” as in substance.  I am tired of many of the social service agencies I have watched go through the motion of helping developmentally affected individuals and I wonder why they still get funded.  I laugh at how people in my community called the Antelope Valley Plantation just let themselves be financially fleeced, manipulated, and willingly genuflect to a few powerful men who I have personally and professionally known to suffer from serious mental health illnesses combined with a low self-esteem.

If the voters really knew what these men are about, the demons they have that drive them to make money off of highly questionable deals whether it is a public school or redevelopment funds for a  library, and the way they get a sense of self satisfaction from stomping on the necks of Activists, most would scratch money together and get the hell out of this community.  There may be a mall, a water park, the illusion of a Marina type main street fun locale called the Boulevard,  and some other recreational amenities but the lack of real professional services that are not tainted and the brutality I have witnessed via the court system and the sheriff’ department for speaking out make affordable housing not even a worthy consideration.

For example,  many attorneys in the Lancaster / Palmdale, CA area know that the Juvenile Dependency Court in Lancaster is incompetently run, staffed, and outside attorneys prefer to bury their heads in the sand. They do not even want to take a case because they claim Lancaster staff play too many games. If someone does not like a family member for speaking out, the word gets around especially with the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services and you are treated like a gerbil on a constant spinning wheel trying to get your child or grandchild. The way cases are handled is an abomination to the sensibilities of a sane person and God help you if they run you to death getting all sorts of certifications and then complain.  You become their toy and they become omnipotent.

Is it that kind of mentality that lends itself to the reason why  our latest nine year old in this area named Gabriel was murdered? Do you really think that the death of this young man is an aberration?

A friend of mine who has been put through hell to get custody of his granddaughter for over two years is a perfect example of how broken the system is regarding all and many more of the agencies I mention.  I walked away because my health could not take the grotesque games the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services played but I carefully did as former FBI Director James Comey did and  clearly documented for future legal / possible law suit proceedings all the craziness of several social workers, DCFS supervisors, dependency court attorneys, and the commissioners who allow it all to go on.  The attorneys involved were so arrogant that they did not care what I wrote.  They believed their jobs were safe no matter what may be said or shared.  Believe me, it makes for great reading in a book I am still laboring on called ‘An Absence of Honor’ and hopefully will awaken AMERICA OVERALL to the gamesmanship American communities including juvenile  dependency court “public” attorneys play.  After all, these attorneys spend their days .shuffling paper, collecting a paycheck, making consumers crawl, and expecting  you to pay homage to keep your family together.

Fortunately for my psyche, I long ago stopped giving a damn about the games these community entities play because the federal and state government will not stand behind you.  You do your own investigation, file your own lawsuit, and hopefully get a jury of your peers to condemn these parasites.  Or you just accept that the wealth these men have made for the past several decades from financially fleecing the ANTELOPE VALLEY PLANTATION carries its own side order of Karma.  I mean, they are wealthy but then again some have died in accidents and from brutal diseases, others have different types of cancers now, and then there are those who are busy trying to re-define their legacy by becoming King Of Solar or some other such way to save humanity even though they have left many Activists as victims all over the road in route to their throne.

All  I can say is that in every American community there is  a PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP AS IN HIS ABILITY TO BE A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR AND OUT FOR HIMSELF.

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