GOP Threatens Any Republican Who Won’t Vote For The GOP Bill But Trump Calls The Bill “Mean”

We did not send people to Washington to do something that can also represent bloody murder just because of a promise.  Republicans may have promised out of party politics to Repeal and Replace Obamacare but does that mean you shoot bullets at the people you were supposed to represent just because you have been crusading on a promise for seven years?  THAT SOUNDS DOWN RIGHT STUPID.  Republicans only opposed Obamacare because it had Obama’s name on it.  They never tried to walk the walk and fix it as all bills have to be fine-tuned.   I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF HEARING REPUBLICANS HAVE TO WALK AMERICANS INTO THE BREAD LINES AND HEALTH CARE BRUTALITY JUST BECAUSE OF A BOGUS PROMISE?

When does America admit TRUMP is SICK.  He had a victory celebration in the Rose Garden after the House passed its version of the Health Care Bill.  Now Trump says that same bill Trump was celebrating is “MEAN”.  TRUMP SAYS THE BILL FROM THE HOUSE IS MEAN AND HE IS THREATENING REPUBLICANS  TO PASS AN EVEN MEANER BILL THIS WEEK THROUGH THE SENATE.

Now the Governor of Nevada is on the ropes and under attack by fellow Republicans because this new bill will devastate his state.  They have done so well with Medicaid and Obamacare that to pass this bill will probably end up in the death of a number of residents.  Talk about Las Vegas, Nevada……I guess Trump and the Republicans are playing Russian Roulette with the lives of its residents just to take over $890 billion out of the Obamacare bill and Medicaid to pass it over to the rich for tax savings.

Tell me, how do these people sleep at night?  Oh, that’s right Trump doesn’t.  I guess that little bit of conscience keeps his prowling the white house all night.  What a legacy he is leaving his youngest son.  Get as many buildings as you can with your name on them and to hell with humanity and someone else’s life.

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