Thinking About A Legacy. The Years Pass So Quickly And We All Have Bucket Lists Unfulfilled.

Have you ever asked yourself what you would like to be remembered for?  I remember reciting a speech by Dr. Martin Luther KingJr., which was delivered by him shortly before his death.  Some felt it was his eulogy to himself.  I had comments like wanting to be a drum major for justice.  The first time I delivered it I remember feeling goose bumps run up and down my arms and my heart pounding wildly.  That was maybe 25 years ago and today I remember it well because it strikes at my core whenever I read the words.  To hear it said in his voice causes tears to flow from my eyes or for me to put my head back against the chair and just close my eyes, letting his voice drift through me, over me, and around me.  Sometimes as I sit back and watch the branches of the trees beyond my bedroom window dancing back and forth in the wind, or the moon at night shinning brightly in the heavenly skies, I think about Dr. King Jr  delivering that speech and wonder if he knew that was his farewell address to us.  Maybe, maybe not.  But it sums up perfectly everything I would like my life to be about and what I wish everyone would want their lives to be about as well.


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