Donald Trump Jr. Lawyers Up…Another Trump Player Who Lied About Meeting With A Russian

It seems like there are raining Russians in the lives of most of TRUMP’S top campaign players including United States Attorney Jeff Sessions.  Now we find out that little Don met with a Russian attorney who has supposed ties to the Kremlin along with Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort and Trump son-in-law Jared Kirschner.  The reality is that they met AFTER Trump had clenched the Republican nomination, at Trump Towers in New York, and little Don took the top two campaign personalities with him.

Now you ask yourself why didn’t little Don mention all this before or even Paul Manafort when asked if he or anyone had ever met with someone from Russia.  It seems that the only time any Trump associate admits to a meeting is AFTER the American people find out about it and then there are different versions of the story why.

Tonight little Don has hired himself a lawyer.  Have there ever been this many people since Watergate who lawyered up before?





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