Apologists for the Trump Family Are Running Out of Excuses For Incompetence AND Illegal Acts

I just listened to someone say how new Donald Trump is to government so he just does  not know better when he does dumb things.  PLEASE!  A psychotic, retarded man was put to death despite the fact the defending attorney kept saying the criminal did not realize he was straggling the woman to death.  The state opted to execute.  That is the same scenario with TRUMPSTER.  He brought all sorts of experts with him  into his campaign, many shady types that he knew were shady, and dragged them with him into the white house as well.  His mentally self=serving mentality was on auto-pilot with all the Executive Orders he put through to try to discredit President Obama, accused Obama of wiring Trump Towers and became a pathological liar.

Tell me, why should an accomplished business man like Trump get a pass after pass after pass after a campaign of being backed by RUSSIA?  TRUMP IS A CON MAN AND IS NO DIFFERENT THEN THE MAN THE STATE DECIDED TO EXECUTE DESPITE HE WAS MENTALLY RETARDED.

RICH TRUMP GETS A PASS ON EVERY LIE, DECEPTIVE THING, DISHONEST THING AND MORE HE HAS DONE BUT A poor retarded man gets no pass in terms of even life in prison.

THE TRUMP FAMILY AND THOSE IN THEIR ORBIT HAVE RAISED QUESTION IN EVERY SANE PERSON’S MIND.  The white house under Trump has no morals and no sense of integrity.  If you voted for Trump, do not be ashamed.  You did not know that Trump was tied up with RUSSIAN RICH GUYS AND BILLIONAIRES.

You did not know that TRUMP AND PUTIN HAD A PLAN.





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