Trump Spends Campaign Funds Any Way He Wants But Don’t You Try Spending A Penny.

THE LATEST CAMPAIGN FINANCE COMMITTEE REPORT FOR DONALD TRUMPSTER shows a payment for $50,000 for legal fees for Donald Trump Jr. BEFORE Trumpster claimed he knew about the Russia meeting all the top Trump officials were involved in.  IF DONALD NEEDED A LAWYER BEFORE TRUMPSTER SUPPOSEDLY KNEW ABOUT THE RUSSIA MEETING…….COME ON.

Statement also looks like money from the TRUMP CAMPAIGN may have been spent on other than campaign business.  Oh well!  Americans have decided Donald can do what he wants but let us spent one penny we are not suppose to……how many of you have the Internal Revenue Service crawling up and down your leg, arm, back, and camping out in your hair until they drive you crazy?  But we’re just average middle class Americans.

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