Senator McConnell Will Kill Off 32 Million Americans Over Health Care Just Because He Hates a Black President and Won’t Fix Obamacare. It’s Called Arrogance and Racism At America’s Finest. Let The Dawgs Out?

The GOP has lied about Obamacare for almost  7 years and tried to destroy it more times than a first grader can count.  Now they control the Presidency, congress and the senate and the have put forth proposals that will end up killing off millions of people and making the rich in America richer.  All these years and this is what some vicious GOP representatives come up with and say it must be done because “THEY PROMISED”.

That is as reprehensible to me as someone promising to destroy all the native americans, african slaves, jews, catholics, christians, muslims, LBGT community members etc. and then realizing it is wrong stating it still must be done because we PROMISED.  What did you promise MITCH MCCONNELL?

I thought you took a constitutional oath to protect Americans and do what is best for Americans and not for your own ego and sense of hatred.  Many of you will not admit it, but you     let the BIGOTS OF YOUR PARTY, PEOPLE LIKE TRUMP, march into Washington and try to dismantle every good thing President Obama did.  You sat back and let TRUMPSTER RAKISHLY MAKE FUN OF WHERE OBAMA WAS BORN, call him an illegitimate president and then denounced as much of his legacy as you could.  You wanted to spit on this Black man yet SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE……..YOU FOUND OUT THAT PRESIDENT OBAMA’S OBAMACARE WAS TAKING CARE OF MANY OF YOU ALL ALONG AND YOU DID NOT KNOW IT.

Now you sit back and let TRUMPSTER, AN INSANE DICK-TATOR WANNABE,  asshole little boy congressman Paul Ryan who will crawl toward anyone with power, dumb dumb Pence and even Trumpster’s children engage in OUTRIGHT KILLING OFF OBAMACARE JUST TO PROVE A POINT.

No one said Obamacare was perfect.  No bill is.  It needed to be fixed but the GOP was never interested in doing that.  THEIR HATE FOR THIS BLACK MAN WANTED TO WIPE HIS LEGACY OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH AND AS MANY OTHER AMERICANS OF ALL RACES OFF THE EARTH WITH HIM.

HOW STUPID IS AMERICA.  What happened to the Boston Tea Party mentality?

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