If You Could Wipe Your Board Of Life Clean, Would You? All Clean, Nothing Tangible Stays

I was sitting around with a group of friends which for me means two…..smile…..and talking about life.  More like gossiping I would say but let’s keep it on the high road.  I asked a question that popped into my head because I had asked myself the same question at times throughout my 63 years.  Maybe we all have.


I can remember as a little girl my mother telling my father that he could not put all of his wisdom into our young years.  She use to tell him that we had to learn certain things through trial and error or through our own misfortunes.  She was right.  Some kids follow everything their parents tell them but they are so stilted, boring, uninformed because they do not understand why one puzzle piece is connected to another puzzle piece of life.  But tell me, if you could would you wipe the board of your life clean except for the wisdom and move forward from there.  That means no taking friends, children, family with you.  That mean leaving the son you love or the daughter you adore or the spouse you hunger for behind and creating an entirely new world for yourself.  OT maybe you would create the exact same world because you are still you and you have not learned anything about how to better navigate through life, better control your passions and emotions, and what is the value of life.

If you want an answer from me, I am not sure what to tell you.  Wisdom tells me if I was going to go through such a process there are certain preparations I would make.  But reality tells me if I did not know, I believe those who  I love and adore who were suppose to cross my path in life would cross my path again.  What God means for you to have, no man, no circumstance, no situation, can keep it from you.

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  1. I agree that the same people were placed in my life for a reason. Certain lessons needed to be learned and the people who entered my life were necessary to learn them, thus making me a better person for them, but most importantly for myself. I can’t say that I would want to change that even though I had a traumatic childhood.

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