Trump, Thou Protest Too Much And I Mean “TOO” With An Emphasis

So much secrecy, deception, buffoon tweets, pathological lying, and more over the Russian investigation. Now you have gone and done it!  You have thrown your first major supporter Jeff Sessions, who gave up his Senate Career, under the buss and won’t shut up your mouth.  You have brought in a New York Slick William nicknamed some Sesame Street type name to clean house and think he is the mirror image of a disgusting you.  No wonder we cannot fill positions in government or the white house.  Who wants to work for a president, and I use that word with much disgust in your case, who throws people under the bus, cannot decipher fact from fiction and god only knows what damage you have already done to the United States of America.

Most of us won’t even waste our time calling you asshole because I think you climax off of insults.  That is how unbalanced you.  But I shall sit back like most Americans and watch the games.  Either Divine Intervention (God) or Putin will get sick of your crap.

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