I Think North Korea Has A Point

When you meet someone who is willing to die rather then genuflect to you because you are Caucasian and feeling omnipotent, be very afraid.  That is how North Korea comes off to me.  They have seen the gamesmanship of the United States in action with other countries and they want a seat at the table.  I don’t see the United States fixing the mess the Palestinians are subjected to every day or fixing the mess of any country that does not genuflect to us.  Most of all, face it.  We do not want people of color to have any power.  The American government does have a White Supremacy type of mentality on both the local, state and national level.  It is so entrenched that we let a nut like TRUMP CON US and then pretend he is the second coming of Christ.  Not every country wants America to dictate to them because there have been some pretty shady things happening to foreign leaders when America gets tired of you.  North Korea knows this.

Do you ever think that people around the world get tired of being dominated by what America has to say?  Of course they do.  We started off bullying the Native Americans and we have not stopped our sense of self-righteousness since then.  Sure I’m a patriot but I am not a hypocrite.  I know America has done some shady things and so do the rest of your.  Oliver North only got off of criminal charges on a TECHNICALITY and we fly our drones and kill and kill and kill everyday.  America will never be up for sainthood but hey, this is my country and I dig it more than living somewhere else.  But digging your homeland does not mean you have to be a hypocrite and blind to everything our CIA and other “secret” mission forces do.  It means you love your country’s values but understand those values are not always honestly met.

So as far as I am concerned all North Korea is telling the CAUCASIAN ENTRENCHED GOVERNMENT IN AMERICA IS THAT YOU ARE NOT GOD.  They are tired of America deciding the fate of everyone else when we cannot clean up our own house.  We have a nutty president and racism, nepotism, corporate fraud and all sorts of messes that the rich take advantage of and stomp on the less fortunate over.  We let blacks get murdered by some police officers and get off like in this last St. Louis episode simply because as Zimmerman lied in Florida, he was afraid.  Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin as far as I am concerned just like I believe the man in St. Louis was set up.

I am not stupid about law enforcement.  I have many friends who have gone through security guard training because the are wannabe police officers and they are scary to me at times.  They tell me that the standard script IF YOU “ACCIDENTALLY” KILL SOMEONE IS TO SAY YOU FEARED FOR YOUR LIFE.  Jesus, and do not tell me that some police officers do not lie about evidence, and plant weapons.  I have lived through the Rampart Division scandal in Los Angeles and boy did they do a job on convicting the innocent and setting people up.

Now I respect police officers because I have known both kind, those that truly want to serve the community and those who have a chip on their shoulder and get carried away with their license to kill.  What disturbs me the most though is that people like US. Attorney Jeff Sessions is doing all he can behind the scenes to limit citizen rights, make law enforcement officers feel they should batter the hell out of us, and even want to get tanks from the Pentagon for local police forces.  I thought the battering ram with Daryl Gates in Los Angeles was enough.  Now we have a bigger nut with more power who hates immigrants and as Coretta Scott King once wrote in a letter about him, is a bigot of major proportions.

People get so sensitive when you talk about race.  Whites hate to hear that you think racism is alive and well.  I just wish they would get a grip and address it instead of pretending it is not an interwoven part of the American tapestry.  I just wish they would stop pretending what the American history journey was all about and get rid of some of the FICTION THEY PUT IN THE HISTORY BOOKS I HAD JUST TO MAKE IT SEEM THAT WHITE SUPREMACY is God’s endowment to them.


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