LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA….Interesting. The Vice Mayor of Lancaster is politically attacking James Ledford, the major of neighboring city Palmdale, CA. Those of us who have worked in the political world on this Antelope Valley Plantation facefget what’s going on. We know that current mayor R. Rex Parris is trying as always to take over control of Palmdale. It’s been an ongoing battle for decades. It’s about greed, corruption, and deal making that would benefit Lancaster, Come on, I know. I worked on Ledford campaigns for about 12 years and was the Chief Strategist for the 2008 mayoral election of PARRIS FOR REASONS THAT WOULD ROCK YOUR WORLD. So now Ledford is being criminally set up in my opinion based on what I know PARRIS’ ORBIT AND CONTACTS HAVE THE POWER TO DO AND…… in 2008 LEDFORD WAS ON PARRIS “DESTROY LIST” BECAUSE HE WANTED HIS POWER AND CONTROL OF PALMDALE’S MONEY.. Hey, want to the know the other names who were on that hit list.

Of all the people who should suddenly be SELF RIGHTEOUS AND TRY TO SNUB MAYOR LEDFORD, MARVIN CRIST, VICE MAYOR OF LANCASTER SHOULD CRAWL BACK INTO HIS HOLE. Has he forgotten I worked on his first city council campaign that he lost and DIRT AND MONEY UNDER THE TABLE WAS ONE OF HIS SPECIALITIES. COME ON MARVIN….YOU REMEMBER WILD PHIL AND ALL THE MEETINGS WE HAD IN HIS OFFICE ABOUT THE CASH BEING PASSED BACK AND FORTH. Phil even had the racist nerve to ask me to have my children dance for him like we were at a SOUL TRAIN TRYOUT. But I forgave him because it was after 10:00am and he had poured his first drink. MARVIN, remember me sitting in your office at IN THE AV WHEN YOU OWNED THAT BLOG SITE and you got the call from Dan Jacobs of the A.V. Fair Board about Kevin Carney and how enraged the now Mayor Parris was because Carney was going to be criminally charged for allegedly having sex with a minor and Parris had to go hire MILTON GRIMES, ESQUIRE, Parris’ best buddy to get Carney off which he did? Remember what you told me about Carney? NOW YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO BE HOLLIER THAN THOU REGARDING PALMDALE MAYOR JAMES LEDFORD? THE STENCH OF THE LANCASTER CITY COUNCIL ANTICS IS STILL IN THE AIR AND WILL BE ON BOOK SHELVES SOON. ALL OF THIS INFORMATION IS RELEVANT TO WHAT HAPPENS IN A COMMUNITY SO I WILL WAIT AND SEE IF FACEBOOK CENSORS ME UNDER THE BOGUS COMMUNITY STANDARDS RULES. I AM ONLY SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER.

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