Lancaster, Ca….I Saw An Inside Deal that Put Millions In the Pocket of the Mayor’s Friend and Who Cared? That Wasn’t The Only One Though But Fear Controls the Masses

I was born in Harlem, New York , toured jazz clubs like Birdland, and have quietly and indiscretely moved through the outer edges of the circles of everyone from mob types to America’s elite.  One thing I will say, at 63 years of age, is that I can look back and tell you that the “mob” folks I occasionally met through coincidence and not friendship had more integrity and morals then the wannabe thugs in Armani suits and Ferragamo shoes the pretender deal makers in Lancaster’s city hall with their lofty titles.

Now that’s something  shocking but real.  I have traveled the country, and parts of the world,  been exposed to some insane situations by being in an interesting place at the right time, and I listened, absorbed and learned that those SHADOWY guys had more guts. a real code of ethics, rules, and kept their word more often  then the men I worked for in Lancaster, CA campaigns who use wimps and men who genuflect to those in Parris’ orbit.

I guess that is where those who society want to call evil may have more values then those we want to call GOOD.

The EYE IN THE SKY deal that has been worth a million or more dollars to a personal friend and business associate of  Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris was concocted in the back room of Lancaster City Hall. Parris made sure his financial associate was set up and one LLC could cover over another LLC if necessary.  Let’s just say, Mayor Parris told me I should not take the deal personally.  As an activist who has watched those if Parris’ orbit destroy many lives, now set up Mayor James Ledford of Palmdale, and treat taxpayer money like MONOPOLY GAME MONEY, I am offended.

But then again, I got punished by the mayor’s orbit when I walked away from his 2008 mayoral campaign where a woman named Elizabeth Smith and I LITERALLY GAVE HIM THE KEY TO WIN BY A MARGIN OF 387 OR SO VOTES.

When I walked away, I had to get the DOJ and FBI’s help to get me out of a BOGUS WARANT set up because the mayor thought I would ‘snitch”.  If I wanted to snitch, there’s a lot more to share about the financially fleecing of the Antelope Valley plantation because these guys have always been THUGS IN ARMANI SUITS WITH HIGH RANKING POLITICAL CONTACTS UP TO THE WHITE HOUSE IN ONE CASE THAT PROTECTED THEIR CORRUPTION.

EYE IN THE SKY was a gift and the City of Lancaster pushed money to the friend of the city mayor to start it up.  WOW!  Nice deal.  And it wasn’t worth a dime really. Just a way to tap into the city’s bank account.

I can open my diary and recall every detail of that conversation on that cozy, nice evening between the mayor and myself and how appalled I was.

In 2008 Elizabeth Smith and I had to deliver a win for mayor Parris.  There was no ifs, ands, or buts.  We delivered it through a creative way even though the mayor spent about $300,000 for the campaign.  He was hated but his orbit told him he better win. It was the kind of better win that you don’t utter a word except, “okay”.




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