I don’t want to peel back all the layers  of the political onion exposing the character, intentions, manipulative habits, threats, and deals, deals, and more deals that have made the mayor of members of Lancaster’s orbit RICH, RICH, and filthy RICH.  That would be the red meat TRUMP WOULD THROW OUT TO GALVANIZE THE CITIZENS OF LANCASTER AND THE ANTELOPE VALLEY PLANTATION that my readers and eventual buyers of my books AN ABSENCE OF HONOR and BE AUTHENTICALLY YOU will be treated to in a few months.  Sometimes though I think Parris’ tentacles are so wide spread that he is as teflon coated as TRUMP.

BUT I do want to say I think the residents of Lancaster, CA need to ask why does Mayor R. Rex Parris keep appointing DEPUTY CITY MAYORS WHO HAVE NO POWER.  Let me share a little secret with you and then Activists across the country take note.

  1.  Parris as mayor discussed this idea of all the Deputy Mayors (symbolic) back in 2008.  He picked (Bishop) Henry Hearns Sr. at the time and former Lancaster Mayor Frank Roberts. Hearns is African American, was head of a large church and Parris though Hearns would do whatever Parris needed to make inroads into the Black community.  Parris was so angry during the 2008 election because he felt he had put money and resources into the pockets of black pastors and they were not going to help him win the 2008 election.  They weren’t.  But we came up with this connection to the black community by buying Hearns off with another title and we balanced out with Frank Roberts, a white man, former dean at Antelope Valley College, who I don’t think ever appeared in the roll.  Rex just needed to balance out the black / white issue.
  2. Parris appoints these bogus Deputy Mayors as a way of manipulating the group that the person controls.  He’s also appointed employees in his own law firm as deputy mayors as a way of getting them to have a legitimate position to speak out on his behalf such as with his CHINA DEAL.  OH WANT A DEAL THAT WAS BUT YOU NEED TO READ HOW STUPID THE TAXPAYER WAS.
  3. Parris appoints bogus Deputy Mayors such as the one he just appointed from Bishop Hearn’s church.  He needs to keep that connection with the black community and the gentleman just took over control of Hearn’s church,  It’s all racial and political.
  4. Parris just appointed a retired union worker who does not even live in LANCASTER to be a Deputy Mayor.  GUESS WHY….COME ON FIGURE IT OUT.  UNION IS THE KEY.  The Republican Party needs to get its foot in the door with traditionally Democratic unions on the Antelope Valley Plantation and now you can figure out the rest in regard to this appointment.
  5. Remember, with all the Deputy City Mayors running around, what does that leave for Mayor Rex to do?  WELL HE IS BORED BEING MAYOR REALLY.  HE DOES NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE HOMELESS AND A LOT OF OTHER LOCAL ISSUES.  HE WANTS TO BE KING OF THE SOLAR INDUSTRY AND SO THAT’S WHERE HE CONCENTRATE HIS EFFORTS WHEN HE’S NOT MAKING DEALS THAT BENEFITS HIS RICH, RICH, RICH FRIENDS.  But people are afraid of him because some actually think he has mafia ties.  I just think he’s high on his meds, you know the same anxiety meds I take from being beat up by him and the ones he and I use to sit down and compare.  REX AND I HAVE ACTUALLY COMPARED, EXCHANGED, AND ADVISED EACH OTHER ON ANXIETY MEDS BECAUSE HIS DEPRESSION CAN GET OVERWHELMING AND WHEN THAT HAPPENS….WATCH OUT.  That is when he did the most emotional damage to me and his deceased brother Bill.’















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