Stop Getting Upset By President Fake’s Stupidity. He’s a White Boy On An Ego Trip That Will Eventually Bite Him In His Ass

I woke up this morning and was depressed over some news items floating across my television screen.  Yes, I am one of those people who sometimes sleeps with the television on and listens to Morning Joe that comes on around 4am in my neck of the woods.  After pouting for a few minutes about watching the video again of PRESIDENT FAKE tossing paper towels to the victims of the Puerto Rico storm.  I decided to forget taking his moron seriously on anything he does.  I decided he could blow up the earth if he wanted to.

President Fake is immaterial to me as of this morning.  His tweets are from a little boy who was weened too early off his mother’s breast or he never fully matured.  I don’t give a damn what President Fake does, says, pouts about, getting angry about and most of how much of a wussie he really is.  His own Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson confirmed for us that he is a moron and Americans are allowing him to mock us.  America has allowed this clown to condemn almost everyone from women to racial groups and still he its perched like a vulture in the oval office, sharpening his claws.

Let him stay in office America until he blows up the world with his stupidity.  But it is not the people of color, or different agenda identities that are responsible  It is you good old WHITE BOYS AND GIRLS WHO LET ANGER MAKE YOU LEAVE YOUR COMMON SENSE ON THE KITCHEN TABLE WHEN YOU WENT TO VOTE FOR HIM.






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