There is not one thing FAKE PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS DONE TO BENEFIT AMERICA.  NOT ONE DAMN THING.  IT HAS ALL BEEN ABOUT HATE, DIVISION, PUTTING RUSSIA ON A PEDESTAL AND NOW TELLING UP HE BELIEVES IN OUR INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES BUT PUTIN SAYS HE DID NOT DO ANYTHING TO AMERICA IN 2016.  That my friends is called “double speak.”  That my friends is called hypocrisy.  Even Steve Scalase who almost lost his life during a baseball practice game, cannot be real about gun control.  These politicians can almost die and they still put PARTY OVER THE WELFARE OF THE COUNTRY. Even foreign countries know just put on a fine show for Trump when he visits and he will be become your political whore or something close to it.  We have let Trump and his associates financial raid the country, engage in global  conspiracies and yet Trump is more committed to putting out a full page advertisement on executing the CENTRAL PARK FIVE WHO WERE PROVEN INNOCENT then holding Putin accountable for the Russian debacle and conspiracy.

What is is a real sickening part of  being a patriot is to listen to the pretend Evangelical Christians and Trump supporters who know he lies but say ‘It’s okay.”  I wonder how many people would have given their lives to establish the America we all dream of it supposedly being would change their minds now.  SO MANY HYPOCRITES IN THE GOVERNMENT, AS POLITICIANS, AND AS PRETEND CHRISTIANS AND OTHER GROUPS AS WELL.  Give me a break.

We are living in some semblance of what America was suppose to be about in 2017 after all the suffering and bloodshed from the Native Americans to today’s police abuse of power, to people going mad and crazy just shooting up schools and churches.  THIS IS NOT THE AMERICA MY ANCESTORS SWUNG FROM A TREE TO CREATE FOR ALL OF HUMANITY.

I believe in God, the Lord, a Supreme Being but I am no fake.  All the Evangelical Christians who are keeping Trump propped up are not patriots.  They are the types who hung and slaughtered men, women and children throughout American history and then cheered as if they had done something so special.  They had rid the land of the undesirables right?  Well, they were and are the undesirables and they carry a  stench of deceit and hypocrisy  due to their lack of putting the country first, pushing an inferior GOP health plan that will cause millions their lives and/or health insurance; pushing a GOP house and senate tax grab bill for the rich that will eventually strip medicare and other programs for the needy, elderly, mentally damaged, the poor and the middle class  and have the nerve to use the phrase GOD BLESS AMERICA.


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