Women have not only been sexually abused by famous men. Many men have done it as supervisors or managers.

The names keep rolling out about what FAMOUS man did this to what woman. It seems like by the end of the year, every man in Hollywood or corporate America just might be accused of dropping his pants or groping someone. Now I know it’s true because when I was about 21 working for the then combined National League of Cities / U.S. Conference of Mayors as an urban affairs abstract writer I got pressured to have sex with a local politician named Sterling Tucker. What was mind boggling was that he did it in front of his female assistant, a taxi cab driver, and put a nice sum of money in my hand. I was to go to my hotel and return to his bed. His female assistant did not blink an eye. He rubbed my thigh, winked at me, and smiled. I was repulsed. We had just come from dinner. My punishment for not showing back up to hop into his bed….being barred from all special dinners and events I had been invited to by individuals like Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley who was gracious and kind to me who was just learning the Washington, D.C. scene.
But what upsets me about what is going on now is that the voices of the little, average guy like me won’t get heard because we cannot cite some celebrity who abused us. It only makes news if you have a name to share with the media. How about the Spanish speaking women I met at California State University, Northridge who were janitors or less and who had to give up some sex to keep their jobs. CSUN never cared when I told them about it. There is a culture that says a woman is does not have a title or any clout has to get down on her knees, engage in oral sex, and everything else to feed her family. Tell me, who was I going to tell when my own boss at NLC / USCM told me to be cool. Even as an adult in 2008 I got raped by a local politician and who would have accepted my word over a powerful guy like him who owns and controls everything. He went even further, when I walked away by putting out a bogus warrant on me,
I don’t feel sorry for any of these men. I feel empathy only for anyone falsely accused. READ MY BOOK COMING OUT IN FEBRUARY 2018 ‘AN ABSENCE OF HONOR’. Being raped is no fun but who do you go to when your accuser is God or knows God in your community?

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