How About “I Apologize” For Killing Your Loved Ones For Political Gain Vs. Happy Thanksgiving

Those who are fortunate get to sit around the dinner table tomorrow and raise their glasses in cheer.  That is a good thing in this upside down world.  But rather than wishing any of you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING which you can acknowledge yourselves, I would rather offer a local, national, and global APOLOGY to all those families who are suffering and have been victimized by so many countries, military forces, and politicians.  They don’t get to nibble on turkey, stuffing and all the other goodies.  They don’t get to look around the table and see the loved one who is in the ground.  They don’t get to laugh as that loved one who is lost gobble up desserts like chocolate cake, carrot cake, or chocolate chip and gingerbread cookies.  No, they get to cry, mourn, and wonder in far too many cases, “What was the sense of their death?”  And I am not just talking about our soldiers and warriors.

I am talking about black males who get shot dead because a police officer got nervous and has a license to kill, or a black woman with a broken tail light gets locked up and is found dead, or a man is wrestled to the ground for selling a cigarette to someone and dies of suffocation and a heart attack.  I am talking about those Sandy Hook babies to us who were murdered in their classrooms, shot in the head or the body and not understanding that strange feeling that suddenly came over them called death.  I am talking about the National Rifle Association’s contribution to the killing of our own because they like to hunt ….. what? All those folks who get an adrenalin rush from killing something while someone else kills our loved ones with the same type of rifle.

I’m talking about that dead girl I once marched to get rid of Los Angeles Police Commander Daryl Gates over named LaTasha Harlins who was shot in the back for taking some orange juice.  Jesus, the list goes on and on.

I am talking about the man in the oval office we all know is insane yet this mystical BASE keeps other politicians too afraid to save us from him.  Our politicians have proven to us that there is no such thing as a God, they just use the words “God Bless America” because they sound cool.  No, what we have is a nation of foolish people who frighten politicians into doing the most immoral and evil deeds they must do to the unfortunate just to keep a title behind their names.  There is no God in that.  No wonder an atheist looks at Christians like we are crazy.

So while the continent of Africa that Trump never mentions because they are too black skinned for him is controlled and raped by China, others are feasting on mortar shells and the stench of dead bodies, Trump wants to send the Haitians home to a destroyed country, and Puerto Rico and its American citizens are less than an afterthought, the rest of us can eat turkey and pretend the Pilgrims were our friends and not our victims.

Christopher Columbus was not a “discover” type, he was a butcher and a conquerer who put his boot on the necks of the native Americans.  Putin is not a friend to the United States, he is DONALD TRUMP’S BENEFACTOR.  And we are all pawns waiting for our day to be led to some form of an over or FEMA camp because the blinders are coming off of the eyes of most Americans.








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