Lou Dobbs of Fox News Swims In Trump’s Sewer of Anti-Intellect

Watching Lou Dobbs Tonight on Fox News is better than watching Saturday Night Live.  I just watched him in a Lou Dobbs interview with some buffoon and the humor did not escape me.  Lou Dobbs is so far up Trump’s buttocks that I can only hope that the hemorrhoids do not start to bleed too much as Dobbs condemns most of Americans for not respecting or showing Trump any respect.  Dobbs doesn’t get it.  How can you respect someone who is paranoid, a pathological liar, Russia’s puppet, and so in debt to Russian mafia types that you wonder if Americans still own their own country.

Let’s cheer Lou Dobbs on though because every society needs an imbecile or two to balance out those who are sane and rationale.

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