Be Real, Women Are Not The Only Ones Who Get Brutalized in Govt or Corporate America

THIS IS A PICTURE OF MY GRANDFATHER, RICHARD PETER BEARD (BAIRD).  EVEN IN HIS TIME IF YOU FIGURE OUT HIS AGE, HE WAS NO WHITE MAN’S UNCLE TOM.  MY GRANDFATHER sired my father who is 100 years old today in 1917 and died at the age of 80 of cancer in 1940.  My brother is as brilliant as his grandfather and our father.  My brother  worked for top rated FORTUNE 1000 AND FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES.  I remember when he first started out, his racist, bigoted boss called him into his office in front of a sales representative the boss was trying to impress.  He asked my suit and tie, graduate school graduate who made the boss look stupid half the time to sing “I BEEN WORKING ON THE RAILROAD,” WHILE HE PLAYED IT ON HIS HARMONICA.

This is why I tell you that educated African Americans have to think quick.  They have to know how to maintain their dignity and put a White man in his place without seeming in subordinate.  Do you know what my brother did?  He looked at the punk and said “I’ve never heard of that song before, sorry,” and then waked gracefully out of the office.  Today he could buy and sell that fool.  But he knew enough not to call the guy a fool outright but don’t think women are the only ones that get abused in government or corporate America.






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