Trump Must Be Appreciated By Americans. He Forced Hate and Deception To Take Center Stage

I am embarrassed that a man as vile,  obnoxious, and exhibiting psychotic behavior  named  Donald Trump is officially listed as America’s current president in the year 2017.  I am disgusted for all the hate he has fueled, and the social, financial, political ideologies, and cultural differences he has exploited for his own benefit and actual self-entertainment.  I am ashamed that so many Americans let him get a pass for self-admitted perverted  against women unveiled in an Access Hollywood tape, and allowed him to dupe them into not demanding tax returns and personal financial accountability of his own life before giving him control of America’s future.  And there is so much more I shake my head in disapproval over but I learn that evilness in America is not a new trend.  We have a long-standing history of vile behavior in the name of religion, politics, racism, and worse of all self-righteous attitudes.

We have built a country on both the most vile of circumstances and the best of circumstances. For those of us who have lived through Native American atrocities, slavery of the African American, brutality toward Catholics, Jews and other non-white groups, and the degradation of women and gender inequity among other atrocities, I guess we thought we were we would be farther along in 2017 but we are not.

Our politicians sell their souls for rich corporations and to keep their perks; our pastors pretend they are vessels of religious principles and preaching the anointed word of a Supreme Being, and our judicial system can be as brutal and biased as it was when we used African Americans as hanging fruit in Nina Simone’s famous song of the Jim Crow era that still exists.

But we need to thank and not condemn Donald Trump with all his pathological lies, Russian entanglements, and deceptive money making bankruptcies and deals.  We need to thank him for playing the RACE CARD with such finesse that white supremacist and neo-nazi wannabes have taken off their mask and come more out into the light.  They are bankers, lawyers, all sorts of professionals, teachers, doctors and worse of all, politicians who make public policy that can create a sense of middle class and ethnic cleansing on a legal level.

In 2017, this is not the America my ancestors died for and not the America so many individuals of different races, religions, non-religions, and creeds decided would be our American Dream.  This is the America of the greedy who have allowed Trump to degrade America’s reputation around the world and relegated America to a level of irrelevancy in the global arena.

Trump has slowly changed the America many of us were working on moving toward a place of tolerance, integrity, equality and embracing love to a place of even greater deception and horrible conspiratorial corruption.




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