This was learned today based on information Mueller had from a whistleblower but sat on for a long while. We learned today that as TRUMP stood  making one of the most horrible inaugural speeches in modern American history, his right hand, National Security Advisor, Michael tweeted to a contact that the (a) Obama Russian Sanctions would be “ripped up” now, and (b) they could start on building nuclear plants in the middle east.  WHAT THE HELL!

There also are pictures of Flynn on the phone texting and now we know that he is so crooked, he must have skeletons on everyone in his closet.  He is one of the seediest pieces to ever be dragged into the white house.  There was so obviously a deal made for Russia to get Trump into the white house in order to get whatever they want out of America to be delivered by Trump. For all we know, Putin actually personally owns all of Trump’s property because the Russian Banks that loaned Trump so much money because no American bank would touch him are controlled by Putin.  Putin could have picked up the loans personally.  Do you ever wonder why Trump never says anything negative about Putin?  He better not otherwise TRUMP TOWERS just may read PUTIN TOWERS.

It can only get more interesting from here.  No wonder Trump has tried to destroy every relationship America has built with countries around the world and today insulted the Arabs and Palestinians in the Middle East by making the Jerusalem announcement.  So tell me, what has been promised Trump by Israel that Trump had to break with decades of tradition over the objections of world leaders and name Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol?

Still think America is safe?













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