I sharing information about my living environment that I call the Antelope Valley Plantation because it is absurd the things the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors and other oversight groups allow to occur in areas like mental health.  A family I am associated with is preparing to take the agency and at least two staff members and the Executive Director George Stevens to Federal Court because of a range of causes of action, one that includes endangering the life and wellbeing of a minor.  After the Regional Center literally “dumped” their client off at the Palmdale Regional Hospital due to diabetes and a contagious disease, the center refused to replace her as they had placed her for 15 years.  The hospital’s social service case worker keep calling me as the family’s power of attorney and informing me this was not the first time the North Los Angeles County Regional Center had played games with them.  He claimed the hospital had filed a complaint with Adult Protective Services.  In addition, the hospital released the patient to a home they felt was proper and paid $1,900 to the home to take her off their hands.

When I found out she had no medication, no insulin for her diabetes and her glucose level was very high, we grew concerned of course.  In addition, the man wanted additional funds by 5pm the following day otherwise he told the Regional Center he would put her out.  The Regional Center called me and as usual begged for us to take her in even though they know it is unhealthy and not safe for a minor living in the home because the woman, his mother, had tried to kill him at 29 days of age by smashing his head into the floor.  He knows that he was her victim and this causes him great emotional distress on top of the fact he already suffers from mental disorders due to the ramifications of that act.

The adult individual’s father who took her in out of fear for her life and the “dumping off” of her by the North Los Angeles County California Regional Center believed it would be for a day or so.  Suddenly, the Regional Center management is playing games with him.  He is not medically prepared to care for a 40 year old woman with mental deficiencies.  In addition, his home is composed of three males and the 40 year old woman is an admitted sex addict who just gave birth to a baby by going behind Walmart and having sex with three men.

The baby was born in the back of an ambulance because at that time the North Los Angeles County Regional Center was again trying to pass the buck.  After researching the situation, I found out that the woman had lost her social security in 2008 while with the Regional Center and they did not even know it.   Once again, negligence on their part.

The causes of action will be numerous in Federal Court but the most important question is how can you, the Regional Center and its Executive Director, encourage, allow, force, and shove a client you have taken care of for 15 years into the home of her father when the client’s victim lives there and knows his mother tried to take his life?  Can you imagine the pain this causes him on a daily basis when he was promised as the father was that the woman would only be there for a day or two and suddenly the regional center starts to load the father up with home services.  Those home services would be great except the more pressing issue is the life and death state of mind it puts the minor in and the choice the father has had to make on two occasions now.  In both situations, the North Los Angeles County Regional Center forced him to save the life of the woman while trying to protect the grandson he adopted 15 years ago.  The man should not be placed in that predicament when the regional center is the woman’s payee and was legally suppose to house her and has for 15 years.

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