Trump’s Tax Giveaway To The Rich Is Going To Cause The Lives Of Millions of Americans I Project

Trump does not care who lives or dies in America or anywhere for that matter.  He would rather push through a deceptive tax care deal that puts even more money into his pocket and the pockets of his rich friends.  He is lying to the American people and throwing a few bread crumbs out to the them up front that will not last.  So deceitful.  There must be some law and punishment for a president of the United States of America deceiving the American people into sitting back silently while their throats are slowly cut.  How stupid, yes stupid, so many of you are and were to believe this man gave a damn about anyone except the rich and corporations.  YOU TRUMP SUPPORTERS LET TRUMP, A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR,  COME FOR US AND YET YOU ALSO PUT YOURSELF IN A POSITION TO SUFFER AT HIS HANDS TOO.


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