TRUMP Makes Me Feel Like Most Women Are Little More Than Toys

Most of the women Trump picks to be in his orbit are wimps or purveyors of untruths. Sandra Hucklebee Sanders lies her ass off at the podium; Nikki Haley constructs an Iran bomb that iis made up of multiple bombs with no part dates that shows IRAN VIOLATED ANYTHING. HER PRESENTATION MATERIALS LIKE COLIN POWELL’S MISUSE OF HIS VIAL WITH SOMEONE’S PISS IN IT WAS SUPPOSE TO MAKE THE UNITED NATIONS WANT TO HANG ANOTHER MIDDLE EAST LEADER. HER CRAP could have come from Home Depot: Omarossa who was the BLACK TOY ON HIS ARM WAS downright disgusting and got kicked to the curb by Trump when he used her all up; Betty DeVoss the Education Secretary hates public education-go figure; Ivanka Trump is a talking head pushing her own products most of the time and intellectually does nothing for women’s rights and the list goes on. DOES TRUMP THINK WOMEN IN AMERICA ARE STUPID AND CAN’T SEE HE HAS NO RESPECT FOR WOMEN, NOT EVEN SOME OF THE WIVES HE’S HAD. THE PERVERT LET US KNOW WOMEN ARE FOR SEXUAL FANTASY. BY THE WAY, WHAT VALUE IS THE FLOTUS TO AMERICAN WOMEN?

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