America Is In a Freefall With Old White Men Scared To Death Of Losing Control

Do not think the tax bill is anything more than OLD WHITE MAN INCLUDING OUR POLITICIANS IN WASHINGTON showing their fear of the diversity of America’s middle class.  We are no longer a land of the free because the OLD WHITE MEN WANT TO TAKE THEIR WEALTH TO THE GRAVE AND BEYOND.  More and more they are trying to make America another third world country where RIGHT IS MIGHT AND TALKING TRUTH TO POWER JUST MAY GET YOU FIRED, RAPED, OR A BULLET IN THE BACK.  Trump is even nominating FEDERAL JUDGES who we have seen are stupid, don’t have the faintest idea of what a trial is all about, and look like idiots when trying to answer questions posed even by Republicans.  It’s a sick sight to watch our country deteriorate but it IT’S PART OF A PLAN.

So we can either sit back and let Trump and company continue forward with this plan that has been in the works for decades, or fight back in ways that have to be creative and ingenuous.  ALL YOU MATERIALISTIC FOOLS who are running out there to Black Fridays and buying up everything you can are only making Trump’s fellow corporate thieves wink and noid saying the masses are too stupid to get the game being played.  And when your crumbs of a few taxpayer credits run out and the fat cats are still even fatter than Chris Christie of New Jersey, the joke will be on those of us who are in Fema Camps because we protested.

America is not the America my ancestors swung from a tree to create as an American Dream.  It is not the America many died in battle on foreign shores to protect or died in American streets to demand equality for all.  This is an America where RICH WHITE MEN, ESPECIALLY THOSE IN THE CONGRESS AND SENATE, HAD TO PUT TOGETHER A TAX BILL THAT FAVORED THEM PERSONALLY.  Oh, please don’t tell me you don’t know that.  Many of your political leaders will clean up financially on this tax bill and they have all those who let the Anti-Christ imbecile known as DONALD TRUMP INTO THE OVAL OFFICE.

WILL WE EVER GET THE REAL AMERICA BACK, THE ONE SO MANY DIED FOR?  YOU TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE WILLING TO SACRIFICE, DO, STOP PANDERING TO TRUMP AND YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS ABOUT, AND START TAKING THE BLINDERS OFF.  MANY of you created this mess.  Now how the hell do you intend to get us out of it.  Today it is the tax bill.  Tomorrow it is health care, social security and Medicare and Medicaid according to PAUL RYAN, ONE OF THE SICKEST POLITICIANS TO EVER GRACE OUR POLITICAL STAGE.

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