KILLING AN UNGRATEFUL, EVIL, HUSBAND AIN’T WORTH THE TIME. What do you do when a BI-POLAR man makes you his cash cow from the first day of a 40 year marriage; you keep trying to show your love only to b told he never loved you; you were the best option; he wants you to pay for a suffocate baby for him when he has touched you in 27 years and blames you. Brings a mistress of a different race into you palatial home you paid for for 5 years. IS DEATH GOOD ENOUGH OR JUST PLAIN TORTUE I say give it all to him…….and pray the dumb funk chokes on it in hell. IF GOD IS TRUE, AND YOU DID EVERYTHING FROM THE SPIRIT OF LOVE AND HOPE, YOU WILL RISE OR AT LEAST BE A PEACE.


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