TRUMP: Spare AMERICA and Our Beloved Jewish Families Your Hypocrisy – You Govern Like a Bull in a China Shop and Create the Hate

I wanted to barf as I tried to listen to Trump talk about how we must be against anti-Semitic actions and rhetoric. PLEASE! The only people for such actions are the WHITE NATIONALISTS HE BROUGHT INTO THE WHITE HOUSE AND HAS SPOON FED FROM DAY ONE OF HIS RUN FOR PRESIDENT. We must be against that and violence in general. Where was Trump last week when some white supremacist sent 14 bombs out to kill two past U.S. Presidents and others? He did not even call Obama or Clinton to offer words of encouragement. Where was he when a white church in a rural community had its pastor mowed down and many of the congregation? Where is he when two nights ago he had DR. BEN CARSON leading a chant about Hillary Clinton “LOCK HER UP?” TRUMP does not give a damn about the shooting in Pittsburg today as the rest of America so sincerely and deeply does.
His hateful, vitriolic rhetoric brought WHITE SUPREMACIST TO LIFE AGAIN AND GAVE THEM A POSITION ON THE NATIONAL STAGE. I know many, many Jewish families and families that are of all faiths, cultures, creeds. TRUMP ran out to say something about this ONE…ONE…ONE…ONE shooting because of his personal relationship with his Jewish son-in-law and the games he has been playing with Israel behind the scenes. Israel and Saudi Arabia are the only two friends America has left thanks to Trump because Israel wants us to destroy Iran.
Of course I and all American patriots are suffering for the families shot up in Pittsburg. But unlike Trump we don’t selectively pick who we mourn or express concern and outrage about. Trump is evil in so many ways and I kept wondering if someone has been something in his Koolaide or the Koolaide of our elected officials who allow him to be a pathological liar, pretender and champion of White Supremacists like Bretbart. AND OF COURSE STEVE BANNON. Just look what Trump did several months ago to create greater friction in between Jerusalem and Palestine to create vigorous hate by moving the American embassy to Jerusalem. TRUMP DOES NOT CARE……he governs like a bear in a china shop.
Any Jewish family that believes Trump gives a damn about you or your pain is wearing blinders. AMERICA AS A NATION CARES AND DEEPLY SO…….BUT TRUMP DOES NOT. EVERYTHING FOR HIM IS ABOUT OPTICS.
May God bless all the affected families in Pittsburgh and I have been in touch with some of my closets friends in the news media there. Their hearts are filled with anguish for the families and the police officers that were shot by yet another white supremacist Trump inspired with his hateful rhetoric.
Tell me why this man called Trump never called the Obama or Clinton Family to show care. Tell me why this hypocrite cannot explain a shooter having military style weapons and blames in on a synagogue saying they should have security. My step sister is a pastor in the ministry and when Evangelical Christians tell her the pain she feels over this craziness will be taken care of by God………SHE TELLS THEM TO VOTE TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE. My step sister has traveled the world, speaks multiple languages, and has given her life to the Lord and wellbeing of others. Even she knows that IT IS TIME TO PUT SOME FEET ON THOSE PRAYERS.

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