I Am Not Begging, Encouraging, Cajoling, or Rationalizing With Millenials To Vote– Your Life And Future Depends on You Acting Mature and Patriotic

My ancestors did not have to be convinced to stand up and do the right thing. The scars, freshly bleeding whips and slashes on their backs told their story even though we have been granted the right to vote.  Don’t think the 13th amendment or the Emancipation meant a darn thing when the hostile white man wanted to unleash his hate on black people.  Millennials believe the death on their school campuses or in their churches shout out the message of hate loud and clear as well and I accept that.  Because many of my ancestors tried to vote  despite being beat, killed, homes burned down, genitals being cut off as souvenirs, and family members being butchered during and after slavery they stayed the course.  Oh the white man created all sorts of obstacles like them  having to teach themselves to read, poll taxes, guess the number of soap bubbles in a bar of soap, write their names legibly and practically give up their first born , and other types of nonsense associated with  voter suppression,

I have the right to a better life today because they didn’t have a chip or their shoulder, act arrogant, and think someone had to beg them to come out and make America better.  That’s total crap when I hear news commentators sucking up the millennial who we have given some pretty decent or great lives.  Now if the Millenials and the rest don’t get it, to heck with them.  They are the ones who will end up with nothing in terms of decent health care, no medicare, a multi-trillion dollar debt, lack of legal justice, fewer opportunities and more.  THERE WILL BE NO GUN CONTROL AND KIDS WILL STILL BE SHOT TO DEATH IN THEIR CLASSROOMS.  MILLENNIALS don’t get it.  They have passion but little wisdom.  They don’t get it that the GOP PROMISES but never delivers and they let you protest because they know you will soon get tired.  Millennial will be the ones who will be responsible for first graders and other students getting ripped apart by bullets at school.

I am not going to tease you to vote, give you a pat on the back……..I am going to tell you like it is.  Stop acting like you are America’s only victims because the graveyards are full of many who set the bar higher to help you and me. Do something besides having us beg you to vote.

You brats either get up and do your patriotic duty and accept the baton of truth and progress, or suffer the consequences.  Most politicians won’t give a damn about you no matter how smart you think you are.  And your parents will be robbed of their benefits down the road with you having to support them.  You want to live your own life vs. support your parents in their own age?  Get a grip and let TRUMP and the GOP know you have a spine besides just jabbering.

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